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How To Tell If Supplements are Fake

1. Consider the retailer 

Large stores and online retailers often have poorly defined quality standards for the supplements they sell.

A study using immune supplement products purchased on Amazon found that many supplements were fake. Most of the products analyzed had inaccurate labels and misleading, non-FDA-approved claims.

2. Examine the packaging 

Another way to ensure that supplements are legitimate is to examine the supplement facts label and packaging. Look for mistakes, misspelled words, or unfamiliar fonts on the label—this could indicate the supplement is fake. 

Good-quality supplements should have tamper-evident seals, lot numbers, expiration dates, and contact information for the brand. Third parties also certify many reputable products, which can confirm current good manufacturing practices and label claims, such as gluten-free. Newer products may also feature scannable QR codes that bring you directly to the brand’s website.

3. Inspect the supplement 

Fake products often have missing or additional ingredients not listed on the supplement facts label. Whether it’s a powder or capsule, examine the supplement for an abnormally pungent smell or irregular texture. A patient taking a counterfeit product may report that the supplement has an unusual smell or bad aftertaste. 

4. Research the brand

Original supplements typically have a website with a clear brand story highlighting their ingredient sourcing and manufacturing practices. Contact and location information should also be present. Some original brand websites also list which reputable retailers carry their products. 

The bottom line

Fake products are, unfortunately, relatively common and may contain dangerous ingredients that cause adverse effects, such as chest pain. That’s why knowing how to tell if supplements are fake is important. Examining the supplement label, packaging, and retailer can help determine whether a supplement is fake or genuine.

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