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Weight Loss

Are you sick and tired of being overweight? Fat? Obese? Call it what you will. It has not made you happy or feel good for a long time. Want to lose 15, 25, 50, 100 pounds, or more?  Think it's impossible?  We are here to tell you it's not.

You know that staying at a healthy weight not only helps you look better, but it also helps you feel better. Even a few additional pounds can reduce your energy, affect your sleep, make you feel depressed, hopeless, and put undue stress on your joints—all of which can lead to further weight gain.


If you feel like you’ve tried it all but still struggle to get lasting weight loss results, you are not alone. Most diet plans and fitness programs only work a little, for a little while. Many are not sustainable. Many, require a huge investment. We are here to tell you there is another way. Dr. Levinson can help you lose the weight you want the right way—and help you keep it off for just $400.


What You Will Get

  • You will feel great about yourself!

  • For 4 weeks you will receive weekly check-ins, either in-person or over the phone or text, whichever you prefer. We recommend in-person.

  • You will learn lifelong habits that are easily sustainable after you have completed the program.

  • You will receive all you need to know and supplies to get started (we do recommend you have a digital scale at home, which you can buy at your local big box store for under $15).

  • You will be able to sustain this on a few inexpensive ingredients from the grocery store once you have gone through the initial 4-week program.

  • After 4 weeks, you may not even need Dr. Levinson’s guidance anymore, as you continue to lose up to hundreds of pounds, on your own, if that is your goal.

Check out these amazing weight loss testimonials!


Are you finally ready to commit to changing your life to feel better and live healthier, now and for the rest of your life? Call our office today for more information about the program or to schedule with Dr. Levinson (330) 414-2760.


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