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Toddlers Prescribed Amphetamines!

I just read a disturbing headline this morning...

Toddlers as young as two-years-old are being prescribed the amphetamine Adderall for hyperactivity

It just blows my mind, considering there is no evidence that medicating toddlers for hyperactivity works or that it is even safe!

Toddlers are still developing so rapidly emotionally and physically at this age. Many parents witness the "terrible twos", which is a tough period for any parent to navigate. Eliminating such things as food coloring, sugar and over processed foods (McDonald's and other fast foods), as well as, increasing playtime and exposing them to fresh air are all alternative treatments for "hyperactivity". Many parents give their toddlers "kid's meals" as a quick and easy cure to help calm the child, unknowingly with negative repercussions. These "Happy Meals" actually make many kids cranky and uncontrollable, due to the many ingredients (preservatives, food coloring, sugar) that a toddler's body is just not equipped to metabolize properly.

I sense a recipe for disaster... mixing pharmaceuticals and kids at such a young age. Possibly, quite possibly, over diagnosis is the real problem.

Here is the link to the original article:

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