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If You Could See What We've Seen

You can go MONTHS without food, DAYS without water, MINUTES without air, your WHOLE LIFE without exercise, but without nerve supply... not even a SECOND!

As the nervous system degenerates, so does life. As the amount of nerve flow slows down (due to a pinched nerve), so do you! As the quality of nerve flow diminishes, so does the quality of your life.

Study a science book and you will soon find out that the nervous system TOTALLY controls ALL human life. Examine a model of a spine and you will see there is little room for spinal misalignments, before the nervous system is damaged, and the flow of information coming from the brain to the body, through nerves, is interefered with and slowed or halted (causing pain and discomfort to those areas supplied by those nerves). We call this a subluxation (hard bone on soft nerve, weakening the nerve impulse).

If you could see what we've seen, the destruction of life and health that occurs with the subluxation, and see the positive results that occurs with a chiropractic adjustment, giving people back their quality of life... you would wonder why people wait to be checked for nervous system interference.

If you could HEAR the thousands of patients that we've cared for who have said, "Thanks to chiropractic care, I have my life back", you would again wonder why people wait... or turn to drugs and surgery, before trying chiropractic.

Please get your family checked for subluxations. If you only knew what we know...

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