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Pregnant and breech? We can help with that!

Last month, a pregnant patient was referred to us with her baby in the breech position, since we are trained in the Webster’s Breech Turning Technique.

We told her that we would do everything we could to encourage her baby to turn, naturally.

The first couple of weeks were pretty uneventful, as far as adjustments go. The patient was adjusted and sent home with some stretches and recommendations on what she could do to assist the baby to turn.

During the following week, that all changed…I noticed the baby was “in motion” after I began the adjustment. I even felt a body part, while doing some ligament work. This was not the case during the previous visits.

We completed the treatment, for that day, and the patient left the office.

Upon the next visit, the patient stated that, after her last adjustment, she felt the baby really move and possibly turn, while walking to her car. That was all verified by her OBGYN who, upon exam, told the patient that her baby had turned, was no longer breech, and that her chiropractor would be very happy.

The patient has continued her chiropractic care and is due to deliver in a couple of weeks. We could not be happier for her.

If you know someone who is carrying a baby in the breech position, please suggest chiropractic care. The above is just one of many stories, of pregnant patients, that we have been able to assist with during their pregnancy.

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