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Myths of Age

We have been lead to believe that pain and disease are a normal part of aging. They are not; our cells are constantly renewing and repairing themselves, every second of every day. You have a brand new liver every 45 days, new stomach lining every 3 days, new taste buds every 10 days, new skin every 2 - 4 weeks, cells on the lung's surface renew every 2 - 3 weeks, new bones every 10 years, etc. When the body is sufficient with proper nutrition, movement, rest, a positive mental attitude, and is void of toxins and poisons, it will repair organs and tissues with new, healthy cells. If your body is not repairing, then you have to figure out which of these areas needs more attention.

Think about this…

If your right elbow hurts ‘because of age’, shouldn’t your left elbow hurt too?


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