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Wellness in the New Year!

Happy New Year from Levinson Family Chiropractic!

Happy new year from the Levinson Family Chiropractic Team! We are excited to begin another healthy and successful year with our patients. We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and have kept warm and safe.

This time of year we see a lot more injuries from shoveling, leading a more sedentary lifestyle in these winter months, and motor vehicle accidents. We urge everyone to use proper posture when shoveling (bend at knees, don't twist your upper body when "throwing" the snow, take frequent breaks if you feel that you have overexerted yourself), get up and MOVE this winter (walk your stairs, walk your hallways, mall walk, stand at your desk, get up and "shake" your body every hour that you are seated), and drive with caution (remember to slow down during icy winter road conditions).

If you have injured yourself from shoveling, not moving, or have been in an accident and are requiring follow up health care, even if it has been months and the pain is not subsiding, we offer chiropractic and massage services.

Don't neglect your body this year. If we have learned anything from the previous couple of years, it is if you don't have your health you really don't have much of anything.

We wish you all a healthy and happy new year!


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