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Chiropractic Tips For Fall Season

Fall is the best time of the year for lots of people. It is still warm and this season is filled with lots of festivities and beauty. Yellow, orange, and red colors are prevalent on the trees. It’s time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the winter holidays just around the corner.

One chore you will frequently do throughout the season is raking tree leaves. Consequently, all this activity will most likely strain some muscles.  These chiropractic tips for Fall will let you enjoy the season without worrying about repercussions.

Warm up

Before you start an activity like raking your entire yard, during the Fall season, take a 10-minute walk to get your muscles moving. Do not take this lightly, this is perhaps the most practical of these chiropractic tips for Fall.

Avoid bending to pick up leaves

Fall is when trees shed most of their leaves so you will most likely pick up the rake now and then. However, as you do that, try and avoid bending to pick up leaves. You can instead use a tarp. Rake as many leaves as you can onto the tarp and pull to the dump site. Doing this will take the pressure off of your back resulting in less risk of injury.

Taking regular breaks

Since Fall is filled with a variety of activities you could find yourself going through long hours without ever taking a break. While at times it might allow you to finish some activities quicker, it might also result in less productivity and a health risk. Avoid the urge to jump from task to task. Take a break whenever possible so as to rejuvenate your strength.

Stay hydrated

As the weather changes and the air gets cooler, many people forget to hydrate. This is especially important if you are out doing your Fall cleanup and raking leaves. Not adequately hydrating can lead to muscle cramps, dizzy spells, and inadequate sleep. Water, herbal teas, and electrolyte drinks are perfect to help offset dehydration. Just try to avoid hidden added sugars in any of your beverages.

The chiropractic tips listed above will get you safely through the Fall season. If you experience any pain you should visit us as soon as possible. Call (330)928-3420 to make an appointment.


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