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The Only Difference Between a Rut and a Grave is Depth

The results you will experience tomorrow and beyond in your life are directly related to the actions or inaction you take TODAY! Did you know that for every day someone allows a VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION to go uncorrected in his/her spine:

1. Their organs malfuncion from bad nerve supply

2. Their nervous system degenerates

3. Their spine degenerates (arthritis)

4. Their body suffers from malfunction and dis-ease, predisposing them to major health problems in the future

The same holds true for every day that someone persists in a lifestyle marked by poor nutrition, lack of proper exercise, poor stress management, harboring resentment and poor sleep habits.

Choices are made that become habits, then a character, then a life, and then a legacy.

What kind of choices are you sowing today? What kind of health results will you reap tomorrow? if your answer to these questions is less than "the best", then it's time to get out of your rut, You may have one foot in the grave already. Is it time for a change?

Get started with or continue with your corrective chiropractic care plan. Help your nervous system function at 100%.

Learn something new and beneficial about nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Make a conscious choice to get out of your rut. Remember... Practice does not make perfect, only permanent. You must practice the right things to approach perfection.

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